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BTSC Video Feature: Steelers Rookie Mike Wallace

I've been wanting to incorporate some more multimedia elements to Behind The Steel Curtain. I've always had some interest in doing a podcast, but have stayed away for now. Instead, you can expect more videos in the future thanks to my oh-so-awesome lady friend. and her willingness to help me with her Final Cut Pro editrix abilities.

She's a new NFL fan  - being from Kansas, she was raised on college hoops - and it pains me to say that her strongest allegiance is to Michael Oher of the Baltimore Ravens. I've explained to her the utter horror of her being a Ravens fan - and she laughs and dutifully spends most Sundays with me cooking up good grub and watching Steelers football. Nevertheless, she also occasionally 'slips up' and steers her attention to how the Ravens are doing. Sigh. Can't have my cake and eat it too, I suppose.

Thankfully we have a rookie of our own from Ole Miss that was teammates and friends with Michael Oher. Mike Wallace. He's easy to take a liking to - scrappy, tough, fast, excitable but not cocky. So he's become her favorite Steelers player and watching him keenly has managed to keep her mind off Oher and the Ratbirds :)

So, with that introduction out of the way, take a look at our first creation - a look at the first seven weeks of Mike Wallace's productive young career. As we compile more footage and get a bit more experienced putting these together, we hope we can make some good looking videos to supplement the litany of writing provided by me, mary rose, drinkyourmilkshake and every last one of you all. Cheers. - Michael B.-