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Comcast Weekly Red Zone Update

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I mentioned last week Comcast would be sponsoring the site for the rest of the season. A fanpost was also recently written about Comcast's Red Zone Channel, which was available free last weekend. Glad to hear that some of you discovered it and enjoyed it. Anyway, on to our weekly Pittsburgh Steelers red zone efficiency update.

Week 4 Red Zone Efficiency:

6 Trips; 5 TD; 1 FG

2009 Cumulative Red Zone Efficiency:

14 Trips; 8 TDs; 5 FGs; 1 missed FG - 57.1 % TD efficiency(+13.6%); 92.8 % scoring efficiency (+5.3%)

Not bad numbers, folks. One week doesn't make a team great or horrible at any one thing, but a single week can sure pad those red zone numbers. Let's see if the Steelers can keep it up when they travel to Detroit this coming Sunday.