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Comcast Weekly Red Zone Update - Week 9 Edition

Let's resume our weekly tally of the Pittsburgh Steelers performance in the red zone during the 2009 season. Once more, many thanks to Comcast's Red Zone Channel for sponsoring BTSC and the rest of the SBN football blogs this year. Not bad for the Steelers this week in the red zone. If not for Big Ben's pick late in the 3rd quarter with the Steelers up 4 and threatening to blow the game open, the Steelers would have had a dandy day inside their opponents' 20.

Week 9 Red Zone Efficiency:

3 trips; 2 TDs; 1 INT, 

2009 Cumulative Red Zone Efficiency:

27 Trips; 15 TDs; 9 FGs; 1 missed FG, 2 turnoves - 55.6 %  TD efficiency (+1.4%)  88.9 % scoring efficiency (-2.7%)