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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- It's Not Over Yet Edition

IX-Troy Polamalu could miss as much as three weeks after tweaking his knee early during Sunday's game.  The following article touches on a few other subject besides Troy's injury including some excellent criticism of Carson Palmer's statements after the game.  The article also sheds a light on how frustrated the Steelers defensive players are with the consistently poor play of the Special Teams unit.  Has anyone else noticed that the further along in Mike Tomlin's tenure the Steelers get the more consistent the verbiage and message from the players has become?  It seems clear to me that the players are starting to sound alike and are takeing on the attitude of their coach more and more.

X-You think losing to the Bengals and Bears is rough for a Steeler fan?  That's nothing compared to what Zack Heddinger, a Steeler fan, went through after the Steelers loss to the Bears on September 20th.  Heddinger was rushed to the hospital after he was poisoned by a Bears fan that his friends had gotten into an argument with earlier at a bar.  Heddinger claims the Bears fan offered him a drink as a peace offering and the drink had been poisoned with either anti-freeze or a toxic grain alcohol.  The victim has lost his vision and is living with Brain damage now, but hopes to return back to work eventually.  Note to Steelers fans;  do not argue with Bears fans at a bar.

XIII-Ed Bouchette ended his chat today with the statement below that left me laughing, especially given that the questions in Bouchette's chat were very similar to the gripes heard around BTSC and other Steelers blogs I've seen:

Thanks, all. I think you came out flat today, though. Either that or it was fatigue or the fact I gave you all the previous week off. Please, between now and next Tuesday, practice your questions.

XIV-The lowly Kansas City Chiefs will be without second year receiver Dwayne Bowe this Sunday along with the next three games after the NFL announced he will receive a four game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policies.  Our friends over at Arrowhead Pride are relaying the message from Adam Schefter that Bowe took a diuretic and he will not appeal the fine.  Bowe seems to be a tremendous talent that has so far been unable to put together any consistency at the NFL level.  Let's take our mind off the Steelers problems for a bit, take a deep breathe, and realize it could be much worse, especially if you were a Chiefs fan.

XL-Plain and simple Mike Tomlin has a way with words.  The message in the statement below to Stefan Logan from his Tuesday press conference is clear.  "Shut your mouth and do your job"

Q: Stefan Logan said someone has left a lane on each touchdown, but that on returns we never seem to get guys out of their lanes. Is there a way you can coax them out of their lanes?

A: That’s the perspective of a kick returner who hasn’t run one back yet, so that perspective may not be reality.

XLIII- Those of you who don't know much about Bernard Scott, the Bengal who ran back the only touchdown scored in Sunday's game might be interested to read a bit about him from CBS sportsline.  The Bengals have taken a lot of chances on players with troubled pasts including Tank Johnson, Chris Henry, and now Larry Johnson to name a few.  The Bengals have found some chemistry this season due to their success on the field, I am very curious though to see what happens when the AFC North front-runners hit a patch of adversity.