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Don't Come Around Here No More, Phil Simms

I know I'm not alone on this one, but it dawned on me that the Pittsburgh Steelers never seem to play well when CBS sends its top commentating team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms to call Pittsburgh's games.  So just for kicks, I went about checking the NFL TV Distribution Maps from the past three years to see just how well or poorly the Steelers have fared with Simms on the call during the Mike Tomlin era. It's not pretty (playoffs not included).

Week 3, 2009: Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - Loss

Week 11, 2009: Cincinnati at Pittsburgh - Loss

Week 10, 2008: Indianapolis at Pittsburgh - Loss 

Week 11, 2008: San Diego at Pittsburgh - Win

Week 15, 2008: Pittsburgh at Baltimore - Win

Week 16, 2008: Pittsburgh at Tennessee - Loss 

Week 10, 2007: Cleveland at Pittsburgh - Win

Week 1, 2007: Pittsburgh at New York Jets - Loss

Week 14, 2007: Pittsburgh at New England - Loss

Week 17, 2007: Pittsburgh at Baltimore - Loss


3-7! No good. Heck, they've only lost 13 games in the past three season.

Go away Mr. Simms! And Jim, stick to the Masters and March Madness and we'll have no issues. Capiche? Cool.