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BTSC Fanpost Roundup

I'm back! Computer's back up and running. Pardon me for my absence as we rapidly approach Week 9 in the 2009 NFL season.  A few thoughts from me before getting to some of the multitude of fanposts written by you guys in the past week or so. As always, the objective is to highlight some of collaborative publishing efforts of our little sandbox. 

* First of all, you've surely noticed the re-design of the site. It's not just my site - it's network wide on SB Nation. Do I love it? Not really, actually. But they're not done tweaking it behind the scenes so don't be surprised if some of the aspects you don't love are corrected in the near future. And by all means, feel free to share your feedback - both positive and negative - if you so choose. I'll be sure to relay some of it on to our designers and network architects. 

* Secondly, and this doesn't apply to too many folks. In fact, I've been very pleased with the civility and tone of the site lately. Winning helps, but it also takes a concerted effort from all of us to keep things fun on a blog that has as many vocal and active members. That said, there has been some mudslinging going on that's a bit distracting. Let's just all take one step back, take a deep breath and let bygones be bygones with any grudges or recent feuds we may have had with one another recently. I was somewhat disappointed to see a bickering match ensue in a fanpost written by the mother of one of BTSC's very finest - acrollet. That's kind of embarrassing for us if you ask me.  Anyway, I just recently got an email from a somewhat newer member apologizing for his role in a few spats recently, one of which came with a longer-standing reader. The emailer said he recognized his mistake and just wanted a 'do-over' and for all to be well. That sounded like a great idea to me, so for those of you out there who think this may apply to them, just please consider letting things in the past go. Let's stick together as we get ready to enjoy the 2nd half of this interesting and entertaining football season. Thanks. 

On to the fanposts:

* Dr. Del writes an informative piece about sickle cell disease and how it relates to whether or not Ryan Clark will play in the high altitude of Denver on Monday.

* Mechem wonders if Jamal Lewis - who said he would retire at the end of this year - would be a good fit in Pittsburgh for just a year or two.

* WyoFan rambles as only he can do as he waits impatiently for the return of Steelers football.

* One good turn deserves another. WyoFan points out us that the Keystone Zebras Want You.

* Not sure why this one didn't get more play from the peanut gallery - Steelin breaks down the Steelers scheduleand correctly notes that it has turned out to be much more difficult than was anticipated.

* A number of fanposts and ensuing conversation after Baltimore schooled Denver about how the Steelers could learn from the tape. The offering from Billy52 drew a particularly lively response. 

* SteelladyinVA points out that James Harrison was the Defensive Player of the Month in October. Congrats to Deebo!

* 5020 takes us down memory lane - A Catch From Heaven

* For you sick, sick draft freaks - an updated, but still oh-so-early, look at the 2010 NFL Draft by big_jay71

* And finally, who you pulling for next week when Cincinnati and Baltimore clash in a pivotal AFC North showdown - cliff harris is still a punk posits the interesting question. 


As always, many thanks to each and every one of you for your contributions to the site. Is it Monday - or at least Sunday - yet? Go Steelers!