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Steelers Win! Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

Full recap coming soon, but for now we celebrate the Steelers second straight win. The victory over the hated Rivals improves the Steelers record to 8-7 and keeps them right in the thick of things in the AFC Wild Card picture. The Steelers got some of the help they needed during the other early games - most notably the Jaguars loss to New England. Houston did beat Miami though which wasn't an ideal outcome. The Jets and the Broncos are playing this afternoon - Go Colts and Eagles

As for the Steelers victory - it was a fairly fortunate outcome for the defending champs. The Ravens owned the 3rd quarter, but a calamity of errors kept the game close and Big Ben took advantage like he's done so many times before. All in all, it wasn't pretty, but the Steelers escape with a 23-20 victory over Baltimore.