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BTSC Weekly Comcast RedZone Update - Week 12 Edition

On to our weekly red zone update post. Many thanks to Comcast for sponsoring BTSC and the other SBN football blogs this season. Their Red Zone Channel continues to received rave reviews so if you find yourself frustrated watching out of market games and are missing more football than you should each week, check out the channel and consider at least catching each and every play league wide inside the 20 yard line.

Week 12 Red Zone efficiency:

0 trips

2009 Cumulative Red Zone Efficiency:

36 Trips; 18 TDs; 14 FGs; 1 missed FG, 3 turnovers...50.0 % TD efficiency (+1.7%)  88.8 % scoring efficiency (-1.5%)

Well, that was easy wasn't it? Both of Pittsburgh's two touchdowns came on plays that happened outside the Ravens 20 yard line. Jeff Reed also had a longish FG attempt for the first time in a few weeks. Obviously yards were at a premium last Sunday night with the inexperienced Dennis Dixon making his first professional start in hostile territory. Dixon and the offense had their moments, but had very few sustained drives, and none that breached the Baltimore 20 yard line. Something tells me we'll see the Steelers deep inside Raiders territory more frequently this coming Sunday.