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Steelers Head To Miami To Take On Beat Up And Dejected Miami Dolphins

Is Miami technically eliminated from this year's playoffs? No, no they are not. At 7-8, the Dolphins still have a pulse. It's just very faint. Miami must of course win on Sunday against the 8-7 Pittsburgh Steelers then get all sorts of fortuitous developments around the league. Miami is not only all but down for the count, they're also extremely beat up injury wise. Here's a list of some of the notable Dolphins players injured:

Ronnie Brown (RB) - placed on IR about a month or so ago.

Ricky Williams (RB) - will likely play against Pittsburgh, but was removed mid-game last week against the Texans.

Channing Crowder (LB) - placed on IR with a foot injury.

Jason Ferguson (DT) - placed on IR in late November with a quadricep injury.

Will Allen (CB) - placed on IR in late October with a knee injury.

Patrick Cobbs (RB) - placed on IR in October with a knee injury.

Chad Pennington (QB) - placed on IR in late September with a shoulder injury.

This is only a list of the players lost for the year, excluding Ricky Williams. I'm sure, like with the Steelers, that Miami is expecting other key guys to play on Sunday at much less than 100%. What do you all see in this matchup? Any particular matchups you'll be keeping an eye on? 

More from me soon.