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A Steelers Super Bowl Sunday - Sounds Nice Doesn't It?

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This will be the seventh time that fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers will be fortunate enough to watch their favorite team play on Super Bowl Sunday. Let the countdown begin. I'll be back with one final preview/game thread/rallying cry a bit closer to game time, but to kill the time for now, here are a few links before opening up to a nervous jibber jabber open thread while we wait.

* A guy I know and do business with has been down in Tampa on Radio Row all week and had this little tale about playing black jack with Steelers players the other night:

Played blackjack at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino with three Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday night.  Two offensive lineman and a safety, and they were absolutely awful blackjack players.  Hitting on 14 against the dealer’s 6, sticking on 13 with the dealer showing a nine.  Just moronic playing and me and the other non-Steeler at the table were cautiously and politely trying to tell them they were just crushing the table with their playing. By the way, their curfew was 1 am.

 I like the 1 am curfew. Nothing too childish but keeps the guys out of the 2 am crowd.

* Dick LeBeau Articles Abound.

* Lawrence Timmons checks in with two blog posts.

* Damn, the legend of Mike Tomlin continues to grow, at least in my mind:

Tomlin also loves a good biography. "I'm not a fiction reader by any stretch," he said. "I read for information."

Me too.

* Get your nervous energy out here for now.

Super Bowl Sunday! It's been a long journey for the team and for those of us who follow it religiously. We may be blessed as a fanbase to follow such a consistent winner, but nevertheless, history has proven that this is still a rare occurence, even for such a winning franchise like the Steelers. Enjoy it!