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Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl XLIII Open Thread

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Stop looking at the clock. We're still two hours away.

What a journey though for this team and for us following it. It started in Latrobe last summer and here we are now waitinf ro the Black & Gold to lace 'em up one final time in the season's final game. Coach Tomlin, I feel, will have this team ready to play. Ready to seize this rare opportunity. Ben Roethlisberger, who likely never will have the same types of blemish free stretches of football that the greats like Manning and Brady have, will again cement his status as a big-game 'winner' under center.

And there's the defense. In an event made for TV like the Super Bowl, it makes perfect sense why the media and network executives are enamored with Arizona's high flying and entertaining passing attack. The Steelers defense? Not so interesting. At least to everybody but us. It's been a remarkable season for LeBeau's unit and it'd be a shame if they weren't appropriately remembered in years to come due to a sub-par performance this evening.

The reality of it is though (as Coach T might say), we're just a few hours away and just four quarters of football from completing the gauntlet and emerging with more hardware for the display case on the South Side and some shiny bling on the other thumb.

Join me here one final time for a game thread as we cheer the Steelers on to victory.

Go Steelers!