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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack

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IX- We have some controversy to start the Six Pack today.  It seems the Steelers and Big Ben have differing views on his injury status for the Super Bowl.  It just seems somewhat ridiculous that the Steelers organization can't manage to get together and figure out how they are going to approach Ben's injuries.  Whether it is Ben or the front office that is making the slip-ups the Steelers need to get this in check.

X- James Harrison's mom is so scary that she has the nerve to say her son James, "Deebo Silverback" Harrison is a softie and likes little kids and animals.  Seriously this happened.  I picture James Harrison's mom looking like this...


XIII- All the BTSC deadbeat Gamblers might find this article on a bookie's perspective of the Super Bowl interesting. 

XIV- James Harrison made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live this week.  A 10 second joke was strung into 2 minutes.   I'm sure I am younger than some of those who read BTSC and older than others but can anyone remember Saturday Night Live being as terrible as it right now?

XL- If you haven't read the amazing book Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner & Steven Levitt you are missing out on a very interesting take on how conventional wisdom isn't always the best horse to hitch your wagon to.  If you wondering what this has to do with the Steelers the answer is one of the authors is a Steelers fan, and he wrote an article on the top ten reasons to love the Steelers.

XLIII- I find it hard to criticize Mike Tomlin because he is able to overcome just about any objection that you throw his way.  How in the world would Mr. Cool manage to defend his Kid & Play Hairdo from his college meal card.  Tomlin__meal_card_medium