Free Agents- Any Possible Targets

    I was just skimming over the list of free agents on to take a look at what's out there. I know we don't make many moves in free agency, but we do make a few pick ups, normally younger guys with some experience, who are about to enter their "prime". Is there anybody out there you'd like to see in the Black and Gold? Be realistic, as much as I'd like to see Albert Haynesworth at RE next year I think it's safe to say it's not going to happen.

    We've talked about this alot with offensive linemen, mostly, but I think there are a few guys we may make offers to, and hopefully can add to the mix somewhere down the line.

    A few guys to think about:

 Igor Olshansky, from San Diego, who may get a pretty good pay day from someone, but isn't the "house-hold" name we all would recognize. I really liked this guy at Oregon, and he's been better than solid with the Chargers, but maybe a reach for us. He can play all three D-line spots for us aswell.

Eric Green, DB- Arizona- Not a NEED position, but a position we could use someone at with B-Mac looking for the big bucks. Good player, not the fastest guy, but a solid cover guy at nickel or dime (I like William Gay in the nickel spot.)

Jim Kleinsasser- TE- Minnesota- I've always liked this guy. Tough veteren player who can block and catch (most of the time). Also has experience at FB, played there exclusively for a while. I could see him fitting into Sean McHugh's spot very nicely. That TE/FB positon isn't pivotal, but with the right guy there, it's one more player to account for.

Other guys out there I could see as Steelers would be Robert McCune, a Baltimore LB, Darryl Blackstock, Cincy LB, Ruvell Martin ad Robert Ferguson, both WR's that are decent receiving options and solid blockers downfield.

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