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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack

IX- According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Hines Ward had surgery on his shoulder this week.  I guess that hit on Keith Rivers hurt Hines more than we initially thought.

X- Larry Foote is denying he wants to move on from the Steelers; unfortunately for the Steelers and Foote, Lawrence Timmons is waiting and I think Larry will be out in Pittsburgh sooner rather than later.

XIII- The previous Tribune Review article is worth checking out but they also need to be called to the carpet for butchering #86's name.  Yesterday they referred to "Hines Ward" as Heinz, simple mistake right?  How about they have done it before.

XIV- Day two in "One for they other Thumb's" very amusing take on Free Agency.  OFTOT retains his crown for best visual representation of all the people, places and things related to the Stillers.

XL- DC Sports Bog has a great post on the Redskin's current VP of football operations, Vinny Cerrato's acting debut.  How embarrassing would it be to go back to the office after that video hits the web.  Thankfully Kevin Colbert doesn't have any plans to jump into the world of Hollywood.

XLIII- I'll meet you at the corner of Tomlin Blvd and Cowher Ave, otherwise known as Chuck Noll Way.