Jordan Gross and Vernon Carey

I think we have the opportunity to get 2 starting tackles with 5 years of NFL experience at the high end of performance.  We paid over $14 mln to Starks ($6.9), Smith ($4.6), Kemauto ($1.4)  and Essex ($1.0) in 2008. This is enough money to coax both of them to the Steelers. 

This would allow us to move Colon to guard to compete with Simmons and Stapleton (both of sives and Stapleton was manhandled by Dockett - love Dockett).  We would back up the tackles with Colon, Hill, and Parquet.  We could also draft Max Unger in the 1st round who played Tackle and Center for Oregon.  We could then go D line in the 2nd and 3rd and draft a corner or lineman in the 4th. 

BTW, Deebo's and McFadden's new money is coming from Batch and Foote restructuring or dismissal.  Kenyaron Fox is ready to back up Farrior or Timmons on the inside. 



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