HUGE addition to the running game

Definitely huge -- whether it's good remains to be seen.

Ryan Powdrell, the fullback from USC, has no statistics in the NFL other than this one: he's 5'11", 250 pounds. I hope this means that Tomlin wants to put the fullback back into our game plan.

Powdrell has barely played in his past three years, dating back to his days at USC. As a junior at USC, he was a linebacker, then switched to fullback his senior year. His first game as a FB came against Arkansas, where he carried only twice for 9 yards, but also caught 4 passes for 72 yards (including a 44 yarder and a short TD). The next game against Nebraska, he broke his ankle in a season ending injury. He hasn't seen playing time since, despite being on the Packers and the Bucs.

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