My Birthday Wishlist

Yea today I hit the big 16. Aside a few other items here's my birthday wishlist:

1. In the fast-approaching free agent period, the Steelers make a move for Jordan Gross and/or Vernon Carey. 

2. That in the also fast-approaching the Steelers draft Alex Mack  or the best offensive lineman available.

3. That once again I'll be offered a trip to anywhere I would like to go (per Grandma last year), and we all know where I would go.

4. Keith Butler stays on as the Steelers linebacker coach.

5. Willie Colon suddenly is taken by divine inspiration and resigns from the NFL and teaches Yoga.

6. That Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, and Terrell Suggs have to fight to the death for the last spot on the Ravens roster and the exhausted winner has to fight Deebo.

7. Speaking of Deebo, next on the list is the hope that his contract is restructured for 3-4 years.

8. Mark Madden is kidnapped by a cult that honors Ted Kennedy as their leader. Madden is never heard from again.

9. While attempting to remove a mural of Jim Brown, Eric Mangini's antics create a brawl and several Browns are placed on IR.

10. The Steelers return to the Superbowl XLIV, and get the 7th Heaven Lombardi Trophy.

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