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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack! Chuck Norris Has Got Nothing On Jeff Reed Edition

Blitzburgh here assuming the duties of your six-pack delivery this fine Monday morning. I hope all of your weekends and Valentine's days were exactly the way you wanted them to be, which knowing what I do about y'all, would probably mean a wide variety of things. And that's just the way we like it on BTSC. To the links.

IX -  The news of the weekend was the citing of kicker Jeff Reed for disorderly conduct after an incident involving a Sheetz convenient store, Jeff Reed, a store clerk, profanity presumably some booze....and a towel dispenser.  There's already a nice little conversation going from this weekend here on BTSC with some funny quips in the comments section. I think we can all keep laughing at the whole Jeff Reed personna he's building for himself, but he's not too far from becoming a caricature of himself. And furthermore, he may not be out of the clear just yet. Even though Mike Florio, a lawyer himself, has been known to be overly dramatic when it comes to legal incidents, he is fundamentally correct. Whether or not anything will materialize, my guess says doubtful, though Reed will now have the league watching him in the future more carefully.

There's more.

X - Between being named the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year Award, apparently being in the midst of regular negotations to rework his contract, and now being named Sports Person of the Year in his hometown of Akron, Ohio - James Harrison is having himself quite a remarkable string of success.

XIII - Ike Taylor was on the radio last Friday. Willie Parker awoke from a nap late last week to talk as well.  

The terms of the buyout of several of the Rooney sons' shares by Dan Rooney are still being finalized behind the scenes, but we received news awhile ago that the team will essentially stay within the family. Here's an interesting article about the situation for those unfamiliar with the backstory. And for those who are, it's still a good read.

XL - Goodness Kurt. Please stop. Please. On a positive note for Cardinals fans - does that look like a guy who's ready to call it quits. As the video winds down, Kurt shares a surprisingly funny story about how he accidentally bought an apparently not so recognizable member of the Black 'n Gold dinner down in Tampa.

XLIII - I've been looking for some Mike Tomlin playing days highlights for a loooong time now. Finally!


And for a follow-up, here's a video from last year of him talking about the honor of being named the commencement speaker at his alma mater William & Mary.