Percy Harvin and other draft thoughts

I know its highly unlikely that we are able to get this guy.  But I really like him as a player, he is a team guy, tough, and is highly dangerous in being a possession guy and being able to use his speed to turn normal possession catches into large gains.  I was hoping he was going to wait another year where we'd be more inclined to pick him up but I still hold out thoughts on us trading Larry Foote to the lions for the #20 pick and being able to draft C Alex Mack and WR Percy Harvin (Hines future replacement) in the first round.  I really like our chances of having a great draft.  I know people have said we should focus only on the line (and I was one of them) but  now I don't think we need to panic and just draft a whole mess of linemen who may not pan out.  We got T.Hills who I think will be a great linemen one day, we can sign the best guys we back to come back to the team and compete for a starting job. 

I think we had a very young group of guys on the line this year and with a year of starting experience under their belt they know what is needed to improve.  That being said some guys need to be moved to their more natural position (ie Colon needs to be a guard) I think we can see our line improve greatly by just adding Alex Mack intot he fold and let him compete for the C or a G job.  I say second round we get DE/DT Fili Moala. Then after that we can draft two more linemen(one offensive project and a defensive guy), a linebacker (for depth), and a CB.  I don't think we look for Big Snack's replacement this year, if we can get Harvin then that will free up next year to get a bonafide 1st round talent at NT and that is what we need. 

I think we have to resign B-Mac. We need depth at the CB position and we all know how hard it is to find quality DBs in this league.  I think William Gay will step up and take D. Townsend job away. I say we can forget about BA getting a fullback.  But I would be satisfied with this draft and think that no matter what the outcome is Kevin Colbert will make the right moves for this team.  Your thoughts?

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