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BTSC Weekly Fanpost Round-Up

A whirlwind tour of the slew of fanposts written by y'all this past week here on BTSC. As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to churn out the great discussion starters week after week.

The collaborative publishing tools here are what make it possible for me to possibly keep the site going at such a fun and informative clip, so continue to take advantage and let your opinions and analysis be heard. If you're new and have been considering signing up to leave a comment or post something of your own, there's no time like the present and rest assured that the registration process is entirely free, confidential, and takes all of about 90 seconds.

I have changed the settings so that there should be double the number of fanposts that show up on your right hand sidebar than previously, but nevertheless, this round-up should keep attention on the more commented and notable contributions from this past week before they get out of sight, out of mind completely.

To the fanposts.

* TURFgeek was the first to note the addition of former USC Trojan fullback Ryan Powdrell to the fold. Restricted free agents Sean McHugh and Carey Davis may be particularly interested in this development, as he could potentially slide into their role next year.

* The sagacious and thoughtful steeler.lifer notes that Mike Tomlin's contract should become a point of emphasis in the Steelers off the field agendas sooner rather than later.

* Also from steeler.lifer was his thorough posting of offensive line statistics from the 2008 season. The numbers themselves are a bit hard to comprehend, but it's useful information when trying to understand exactly how individual members of the line played this past year.

* One of the youngest yet most thoughtful and rational BTSC contributors, HighSchoolSteeler celebrated big #16 this past week. To mark the occasion, he weighed in with his Wish List for this coming year.

* On the NFL Draft front:

* On the Free Agency front:

* upabob starts a heated debate about the value and future of Fast Willie Parker on the team.

There's others worth including for sure, but I'll leave it there for now. Purposefully not included were the posts that were recommended and subsequently bumped up to the top of the right hand sidebar. Be sure to check those out if you haven't already done so.