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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Tuesday Edition

As always, your daily six-pack of Steelers and NFL related links.

IX- Dave Lolley has some insight on the Steelers 2009 Draft and confirms that Keith Butler is the heir apparent to Dick Lebeau.


X- Mike Tomlin has another award to put on his shelf.  He is the 2009 Dapper Dan Sportsman of the year.

XIII- More amusing commentary on Jeff Reed over at "Nice Pick, Cowher."

XIV- Ed Bouchette spends some time revisiting the Super Bowl.  I really like Ed, I do, but is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling he should get nominated for grumpiest beat reporter for a kick ass team award each year?

XL- In some non Steelers moves, Fred Taylor was released after offering to take a pay cut and Chris McAlister was released by the Ravens and didn't like the way it was handled.

XLIII- The Steelers front office brass and James Harrison are set to meet in person.  It has been reported that Harrison's agent has decided to negotiate with the front office by showing the following video over and over again and saying, "don't make me unleash him."