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It's A Slow Day In February, Why Not?

If you've read Behind the Steel Curtain long enough, you know by now I really like several commentators, and find the rest of the lot generally disagreeable. Give me Marv Albert and whomever on an NFL radio broadcast any day of the week over Phil Simms and Jim Nantz, or Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. I love Gus Johnson during March Madnes, and my posting of YouTube videos of some of his ridiculous calls can be easily retrieved from the archives. I presume I would like him during his NFL on CBS duties but by some stroke of injustice and oversight, he's relegated most weeks to the Chiefs and Raiders, or some insufferable game of that ilk. Being fans of the Steelers, we're not much exposed to the bottom of the barrel announcing crew wise.

Marv, Gus, and Bill. Walton. Haha, I just find his ridiculous overstatements impeccably classic and hysterical. Over the course of an 82 game season plus playoffs, there's more wiggle room for announcers to go off the deep end with gross hyperbole. No? There is in my book, and I can't quite understand why some people hate him. To each his or her own, I suppose, but get a load of this gem.

Beethoven. Romanticism. Classical human beings. And the NBA's 135th best player or so - Boris Diaw. All in one thought. Count it.

Back to football shortly.