Dreams for the 2009 NFL Season

The following will be a rather random collection of my blue-sky wishes for the NFL in the coming year.  Very few will be directly oriented at the Steelers, as that's well-covered ground on the site.  I should note that I don't think these will or even could happen, but if I ruled the NFL world they would.


  1. Goodbye Goodell...  I don't like Roger Goodell as a commissioner.  I don't like almost any of the changes that he has made in his tenure as NFL Czar.  Sure he's tough on players that get out of line, but then he's weak on coaches and organizations that break rules (ahem, Coach Hoodie I'm looking in your direction.)  He's gotten excessive with fines for things that should not be fines and generally has not made the game better in any definable way.  
  2. Overtime Changes-  I've stated this in multiple places here so I won't reiterate too much.  I don't want college football and I don't want wacky rules that change the game from the regular time.  I just want an overtime period.  And like most sports if you score more points in that overtime period, you win.  Shutdown corner has an idea I like and could totally get behind:,142449
  3. Coach's Tape- Have a service where I can download not only the broadcast of every game from the season, but also coaches tape of each game.  I will pay extra for this, but my obsession with football (and I think many of you would join me) to the point where I want to see more than the standard shots.  I want to see the routes that didn't get thrown to.  I want to see if a special teams player didn't stay in his lane and that's what caused the big return.  I do not need video of coaches sending in signals so Coach Hoodie can put his hand down.
  4. Keep 'em Here- Less international games.  Actually strike that, no international games.  I don't like taking home games away from fans.  They can have pre-season games if they want them.  When the day comes that I can't get tickets to a "home" Steelers game in Pittsburgh I will throw a fit.
  5. He's Earning What?- It's time to get these rookie contracts under control.  The fact that the top picks earn more money than God without ever playing a down is ridiculous.  NFL is built for parity but these top 5 pick salaries are handicapping the teams that get them from being free-agent buyers.  And no one wants to trade up for these positions cause they know that the better value is after the 10th pick.
  6. Name Someone Better- Dick Lebeau deserves to be in the HOF.  In fact I think the rules for getting into the hall are somewhat odd.  I'm fine with the press getting a vote, but I think all existing hall members should also get a vote.  And for Pete's sake get coach Lebeau in the HOF!
  7. Have You Ever Seen Football- I'm tired of almost all football announcers.  I'd like the stations to give me the option to listen to the home broadcast of the game through the TV. 
  8. I Love this Show- NFL Matchup on ESPN will be moved to the pre-game slot and will be an hour long.  This is good football analysis and it's unwatchable without DVR.  I would like more shows like it during the week.  NFL Network and ESPN have employed legions of former players and coaches who all know how to break down film, let me watch it!
  9. Get a Real Expert- National pundits should be required to bring in a beat reporter from the team they're talking about for accurate news.  Lolley, Wexell, or Bouchette would be far better reporting Steelers news than Chris Berman and his co-horts. 
  10. I Don't Care Anymore- Pundits and announcers would only be allowed to bring up "hot topic" issues once an hour.  If I hear about Brett Favre twice in the same quarter I will reach through my screen and choke someone.  Same goes for TO, anything Dallas related, or the Pats*.

What do you guys think?  How would football change if you were king?  Or am I wrong and the NFL is perfect and to change anything would be to ruin it!?  Thanks for reading.


Oh yeah, and most importantly, One for the Other Pinky!

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