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If This Is Goodbye, Then Let Me Say Thanks While I Can

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Back to jubilation and good cheer in just a few but allow me quickly to remind us all that Super Bowl XLIII, an epic 27-23 victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was the final game for a number of Steelers. Which ones? Who knows just yet for sure, but we can make some informed guessed based on the past and on common sense economics.

As you'll see, there's a lot of Steelers players with expiring contracts who made an impact on not only Super Bowl XLIII, but the 2008 season as a whole, not to mention previous years.  We have gobs of time now on our hands to assess the state of the roster and discuss what we think the Rooneys and Kevin Colbert will do personnel wise this offseason and in April's draft. For now though, a giant Steelers Nation sized salute to the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers free agents.

Some will be back; some will chase dollars and opportunities elsewhere. Regardless, all - even the practice squad guys - have played their part and done their job helping making this particular team, World Champions.

Here's the list:


Charlie Batch (QB)

Byron Leftwich (QB)

Marvel Smith (OT)

Max Starks (OT)

Trai Essex (OT)

Willie Colon (OT) - restricted

Jason Capizzi (OT) - restricted

Chris Kemoeatu (OG)

Nate Washington (WR)

Gary Russel (RB) - exclusive rights free agent

Carey Davis (FB)

Mitch Berger (P)

Keyaron Fox (LB)

Fernando Bryant (DB)

Anthony Smith (FS) - restricted

Anthony Madison (DB) - restricted

Andre Frazier (LB)

Bryant McFadden (CB)