Draft a QB

Draft a QB?  Sounds crazy.  Or does it?  I'm concerned about the back up QB position.

 If we are to re-sign BLeftwich  to a deal for a couple years I think we probably would have one of the best #1, #2 qb situation in the league.  But, if we can't sign BL, which I don't think we will (even given his great compliments about team/coach/organization), I'm concerned. 

Yes, I know we have CBatch and he is a good back up, but after a whole year away, and with his age, his skills may have diminshed.  Hopefully, we can squeeze one more year from him, and then he moves to the sidelines as a coach...he seems well suited for that.

Yes, I know about Dennis Dixon.  I know some are high on him and love his athletism but I'm skeptical.  I thought we should have used the pick on a OLineman or DLineman.  Yes, he is a good athlete but I'm less concerned with trick plays, wildcat etc  and more concerned with  our back up qb running our offense.  The guy looks like the Ravens would break him in half!!  Of course, he may prove me wrong, but obviously I'm not real high on the guy.

We know nothing lasts forever.  Given the way Ben plays, we know he is going to miss games due to injury.  Hopefully, it's nothing serious but you never know.  It's always wise to be proactive. 

 The Patriots are a good example of a "pro-active" team.  Last year, heading into the draft, they had a healthy Brady, Matt Cassel (who they thought had all the skills to be a starter...not just a backup...I have family in NE and the rumor was the kid was a keeper)...but who do they take with a 3rd round pick...a qb.  Kevin O'Connell, from San Diego St, was Jaws pick as the 'sleeper" qb of the draft.  He thought he would be a steal in the 4th/5th round...given few years to develop...may have starting potential.  I thought it would be great if we could grab the guy in the later rounds...but Patriots draft him way up in the 3rd...not wanting other teams to scoop the kid up.  They are smart, they knew Cassel was in the final year of his contract, and even if they signed him, they could trade him and still have a qb with potential to develop. 

The best time to draft a good, young QB is when there is not an immediate need!  I would love for us to have a big, strong, raw,  back up, with a powerful arm...learning from Ben for a couple of years. 

I know we won't draft a qb this year.  But, if Dixon doesn't really impress with his passing and give us a good indication he can make all the throws and lead a team, I say we spend a high draft pick (3rd round), on a qb next year?  Any thoughts?


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