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Interview With Former Dick LeBeau Pupil Rick Carey

The following interview was conducted by BTSC's own PixburghArn, a vocal contributor here on the site. A good natured guy who's great to have around, no two ways about it. He also happens to have a brother-in-law who played for Dick LeBeau in Cincinnati. The following is an email interview between him and his brother, with a few questions from me littered throughout. Many thanks to PixburghArn and his brother Richard 'Ricky' Carey' for taking the time!.

In response to a request from Blitz I interviewed my brother-in-law who happens to have played for Dick LeBeau. The original request was to get an interview with Dick LeBeau. In hind sight I think I could have pulled that off but it would have been a difficult with the three basketball teams I coach and following my daughter’s basketball games as well.My brother and I are so busy this time of year we conducted this interview over email.

Anyhow, the object of this interview is to get another angle on just who Dick LeBeau is from one of his former players.  We hear the words spoken by players in the media, but this brings it down to root level.  When a man talks to his family you get a more honest answer.  It’s very easy to spot BS coming from a relative.   It also allows you to see what a relatively unknown player saw in the legend we call Dick LeBeau.

Before I get into the question and answer session let me give you a little information on my brother-in-law.  His name is Richard Carey (I call him Rick and my sister calls him Ricky), DB from Idaho University class of 89.  He played college ball with Mark Schlereth(ESPN 2 analyst),Marvin Washington DE NY Jets/Broncos/49ers and Scott Linehan former head coach of the Rams and current offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions.  He played for the Bengals under LeBeau in 1989 and the AFC Champion Buffalo Bills in 1990.  He was with the Atlanta Falcons while Deion Sanders was there but never cracked the 53 man roster. Hey he was a DB behind Sanders! He went to the Tampa Bay Storm of the Arena league and won an Arena Bowl Championship over Kurt Warner and the Iowa Barnstormers.

In the following question and answer session BTSC represents questions from Blitz and myself.  I will add commentary along the way.

Rick emailed me these answers after he returned from Lucas Oil Field in Indy. He was taking his client to the combines. His client is Robbie Wilson, S/CB from Miami of Ohio. He was not invited to the Combine so don’t look for his numbers. Rick said he spoke with LeBeau at lengths while he was there and LeBeau even asked Robbie some questions. LeBeau then told Robbie that he will keep an eye out for him. Rick raves about this kid. He tells me that this kid is a solid athlete. He played strong safety at Miami but has CB skills and may get a UDFA look. Keep an eye out as our schedules clear up I may get a one on one with LeBeau. Don’t hold your breath though. I’d hate for you to faint.


BTSC: Did you have any individual feedback and time working with LeBeau - a former DB himself, even though you were a bit undersized and not necessarily a slam dunk to be part of the team's long term plans on defense?


Carey: Coach LeBeau was very personable and [told me] what he liked about me was my ability to accept coaching! He taught me that football was a game of inches and technique will go a long way!


(Pixburgh)I must say that Coach is a great judge of character.  Rick is a great work ethic and is an upstanding citizen.  Rick now trains athletes at his gym "Personal Trainers World" in Cincinnati, Ohio.  One look at his physique makes it obvious he works hard even now.


BTSC: Why did you chose to stay in such good contact with Coach LeBeau over the years and what has this friendship  meant to you over the years


Carey: I don't know a single person/athlete that can say a bad word about the old coach! He is the ultimate gentleman, Coach, Teacher, Musician, Golfer, not to mention he is ageless looks just like He did when I arrived here 20 yrs.ago:-)


BTSC: Is there one thing he could share with us about LeBeau that the fans might not know - something of course that LeBeau would be cool with everyone knowing.


Carey: Coach knew my entire U of Idaho fight song and he sang it!!! :-)Of course he was a BUCKEYE. Now how many guys know Idaho's fight song? I'm telling you the man is one of a kind!


(Pixburgh)I wonder if he cared enough about Rick to learn it and recite it to make him feel at home or if he just memorizes fight songs.  No matter how you put it, he’s one of a kind.


BTSC: How did you end up on LeBeau's defense that year out of the University of Idaho?


Carey: Coach Jim McNally came to Idaho looking at Mark Schlereth, Marvin Washington DE NY Jets/Broncos/49ers and I had an exceptional workout, in which he compared my athleticism w/James Brooks. :-) Coach Mcnally (offensive line coach) said he'd tell one of the coaches about me(I was like yeah right!) lo and behold Coach LeBeau called me the next day. :-) Thanks Coach Mc!


BTSC:  What was your first impression of LeBeau?


Carey:  Two words "Crocodille Dundee" HE LOOKED JUST LIKE HIM. :-)


BTSC: What is it like to play for LeBeau?


Carey: A tremendous blessing for any young man who gets the privilege of spending time w/the greatest defensive coach of all-time! Need I say more? Who wants to contest that statement?


(Pixburgh)Not many are called both gentleman and genius. Take everything you’ve heard of LeBeau and tack this on to the end and it should add another dimension to what you already know. The only thing left is to meet him in person.