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BTSC Community Mock Draft Team Selections

Picks are after the jump. Please confirm that you got the team you wanted and notify me in the comments or via email if there's a discrepancy. Thanks. Refer back to the 'Update' in the initial post for the instructions and initial tentative timeline for launch of this. 


  1. Detroit Lions - steelerark
  2. St. Louis Rams - PsychoSalameh
  3. Kansas City Chiefs - gimpsta7
  4. Seattle Seahawks - vherub
  5. Cleveland Browns - maryrose
  6. Cincinnati Bengals - PixburghArn
  7. Oakland Raiders - BallsOfSteel
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars - tdp992
  9. Green Bay Packers - paulamalu/HighSchoolSteeler
  10. San Francisco 49ers - worldtrip
  11. Buffalo Bills - steelguy99
  12. Denver Broncos - air holmes
  13. Washington Redskins - drinkyourmilkshake
  14. New Orleans Saints - Blitzburgh
  15. Houston Texans - steeler.lifer
  16. San Diego Chargers - SteelerMike
  17. New York Jets - agentorange
  18. Chicago Bears - Chicago Steeler
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - RomainEl82
  20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas via Roy Williams trade) - steelerark
  21. Philadelphia Eagles - SteelerBuddha
  22. Minnesota Vikings - TShaff
  23. New England Patriots - sn0wballz
  24. Atlanta Falcons - WolfPackSteelersFan
  25. Miami Dolphins - HereWeGo
  26. Baltimore Ravens - Brett Jones
  27. Indianapolis Colts - PaulMorel
  28. Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina Panthers) - SteelerBuddha
  29. New York Giants - BostonWahoo
  30. Tennessee Titans - syrsteelerfan
  31. Arizona Cardinals - cgolden
  32. YOUR PITTSBURGH STEELERS - BigDaddytat2boy

Look for further instructions soon enough and be sure to email me at if something comes up at any time during this so that we can swap you out with someone else. These only work if everyone at least is reliable communication wise. I'll manage it all but I can only do so if I don't have to track people down! Thanks, this should be fun!

If you didn't get to this in time to select a team; we'll see how far we get and maybe do a Round 2 where we give priority to other people. Or we can do a whole additional Round 1 if time permits and compare what people selected. Lots of time and options.