FS prospect Patrick Chung: Worth a second rounder?

I think so. Btw thanks to Paulamalu for asking me to look up this guy, I had heard the buzz but up until recently hadn't really looked into it.

So, the interesting case of Patrick Chung. Chung, a senior entering this draft will only be 22 when he takes the field come September, and has already made a name for himself while starting all 4 years of his collegiate career for the Ducks.

Currently projected as a mid to late second rounder, Chung has all the talents of fitting right in as a Pittsburgh Steelers safety. Though he isn't large, at 5'11'', 212, he packs a menacing punch to those unlucky enough to get in his way. From what I have gathered, Chung is a phenomenal run support safety with excellent coverage skills. It doesn't take a genius to tell that when someone has 370 career tackles, that that someone may have a knack for wrapping up a ball carrier. Of course wrapping up is such a soft phrase. Chung has a reputation for laying devastating hits, and playing a physical style of coverage. In addition to all of this, Chung has the versatility to be moved around in the secondary and can double as a return man. Doesn't seem to have any known character issues.

The only negatives that seem to appear are that sometimes he overruns the ball carrier when trying to make a big play. He can sometimes be beat deep, and will draw pass interference penalties due to his hand-to-hand style coverage. 

If Chung were to fall into our range in the second round, I think he'd be a great choice for the Steelers. Ryan Clark has played well the last few years, he's going on 30 years old. Chung would have time to develop and learn the playbook (as Polamalu did) until Clark's contract expires in a couple of years.

So now for the moment you've all been waiting for-Ladies and Gentlemen, Patrick Chung's Highlights:


A compilation of his highlights

Here's a pick 6

A punt return for a TD

A sack

A HUGE sack

Great Blocking on a INT return







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