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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack-Cash 4 Gold Edition

 IX- I have heard many on the BTSC boards question how many years Hines Ward has left in his tank, but according to the man himself he says he won't stop playing "any time soon."  Hines Ward also brought up a great point about the Steelers receiving corps by saying ‘I don't know of too many teams in the league that can say they have two Super Bowl MVPs as starting wideouts on their team."  

X- Franco Harris' son announced he's running for Mayor of Pittsburgh in the upcoming election this year. Franco "Dok" Harris, Jr., will be running as an independent against Mayor Luke Ravenstahl or whoever wins the Democratic primary in May.  Not living in Pittsburgh currently I don't know what changes are needed and if Harris Jr. would be the answer, so feel free to weigh in BTSC.


XIII- Have you ever seen one of those cheesy "Cash 4 Gold" commercials that promise to give you cash if you mail in your old jewelry?  Former Steeler Brenden Stai was given a call by the company after they found his AFC Championship Game ring that had been lost for over eight years.


XIV- A recent study by Bizjournals analyzed the performances of 122 professional sports teams to determine who the best and worst pro sports franchises were last year.  The study factors in winning and making money, can you guess what Pittsburgh pro sports team finished in the top ten and which team finished in the bottom ten?

XL- Former Steelers assistant coach and Pittsburgh native, Jim Haslett will be announced as one of the four head coaches of the upstart United Football League (UFL).  They other coaches will be Dennis Green, Jim Fassel, and Ted Cottrell who will coach franchises in San Francisco, Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York.  The games will be televised on the TV network Versus and rumors are floating around that the league is pursuing Michael Vick.

XLIII- Two more responses to the possibility of Joey Galloway joining the Steelers, from Scott Brown and Dale Lolley.  There seems to be lots of positive reaction to Galloway joining the team for the right price.