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BTSC Weekly Fanpost Round-Up

A look back at the collaborative publishing here on Behind The Steel Curtain. As always, thanks for making my life a little bit easier - and more enjoyable - with all your great contributions.


To the fanposts not recommended up into the feature section. Be sure to check out those too. There's a great Myron Cope article, some poetry, a great breakdown of the running game in the Super Bowl, and other good stuff:

* Former Baltimore Ravens center Jason Brown becomes the highest paid C in the history of the National Football League. BadMaafala writes about the signing by the St. Louis Rams, who I suppose are desperately trying to shore up their offensive line to clear holes for RB Steven Jackson.

* I certainly got immersed in this thread, at one point probably even being a little less thoughtful and level-headed than I try to be. The subject? Tony HIlls potentially playing some RT in 2009. Check out the fanpost and lengthy comment section here.

* Any chance the Steelers get DL Igot Olshanksy from the San Diego Chargers? tobiathan brings up the scenario here.

* Reader simbion makes the case that the Steelers might be well served looking for a new OL coach since the personnel likely will look a lot like it did for most of 2008. This was written of course after the Chris Kemoeatu re-signing.

* A fun post about who some of the better Steelers players are at their respective positions compared to their counterparts around the league. Good stuff from PA Army Officer.

* One of the many things I love about the site is the international representation we have here. I already linked to a fanpost written by one of our Brazilian readers, simbion. Now, let's take a look back at what one of our friends from New Zealand had to say about #56 LaMarr Woodley. Well written fun stuff by him.

* A nice fanpost from Rash92 about what he perceives as the reality surrounding NFL Free Agency. His point? That there's no such thing as hometown discounts really for guys in their prime or just out of their prime but still capable of commanding one last big guaranteed paycheck. It's a generally accurate assessment, though I mentioned in the comments that RB Brandon Jacobs was an example of a player who probably took a lot less than he could have garnered on the market. Subsequent comments wondered how it was a bargain for New York. My answer - two words, Michael Turner. Never a starter, yet he got more money to go to Atlanta than Brandon Jacobs did to stay in New York after years of established success. Just sayin'.


Keep it up guys, but remember to show the community respect by taking time to try to read what all's been written and said about particular subjects before creating a new post about the same topic. Just makes it more fun for all of us as we continue to get more and more content to enjoy and discuss this offseason. Cheers.