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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Manic Monday Edition

IX- Today may only be the 2nd day of March, but the Final Four is already here.  The Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament resumes today with the semi-final round and Behind the Steel Curtain is going up against a worthy opponent in The Pens BlogClick here to Vote for Behind the Steel Curtain.  Also, BTSC got some love from the WTAE-TV, even if they can't quite figure out how to pronouce the name of our site. 

X- Last Friday was the one year anniversary of Mryon Cope's death.  Check out the all new Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies' tribute to him from Friday.  Also, Steelers Chat Pack posted a nice write up about Myron that included an article Cope wrote for Sports Illustrated.

XIII- Do you have a spare $599 lying around?  Can you get permission from your spouse, parent, or significant other to be gone for three days in June?  Then make sure to sign up for the annual Steelers Men's Fantasy Football camp in Latrobe on June 5th through the 7th

 XIV- If you've seen the ESPN segment that's been running on Sportscenter for the past month you should be familiar with the concept of the Mount Rushmore of Sports.  5 Golden Rings took the concept a step further and decided to make their own Mount Rushmore of the Steelers.  BTSC feel free to weigh in on your thoughts on who you feel are the 4 most influential figures in Steelers History.

XL- The first Weekend of free agency is finally over, and the AP has compiled a comprehensive list of the signings from the past three days.  Not surprisingly the Steelers have not been active in free agency, but the Pittsburgh Sports Examiner is reporting that we are going to be meeting with Chris Carr, formerly of the Tennessee Titans.  I would assume that the Steelers are waiting to meet with Carr until they make a final decision with Bryant McFadden.  According to the Yahoo Sports, the Steelers are still interested in re-signing him.

XLIII-  Former Steelers Linebacker Marquis Cooper, and free agent Linebacker Corey Smith have been missing in the Florida Gulf Coast since yesterday Morning.  The coast guard has stepped up the search for the two NFL players and the other two passengers on board.

UPDATE- 10:00 A.M., PST

A body was found clinging to an overturned boat that is thought to be the vessel of the four missing men from the Florida Gulf Coast.  The body is believed to be the body of former college player Nick Schuyler.  The other three men remain missing.