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BTSC 2009 Community Mock Draft - Pick #6 by the Cincinnati Bengals: Jeremy Maclin, WR/KR, Missouri

Onward with the 2009 BTSC Community Mock Draft, with pick #6 belonging to another lackluster AFC North foe. Don't forget though, it was just a few short years ago that Cincinnati was a bona fide threat to our hegemony over the AFC North. Some untimely injurys plus a locker room camaraderie nothing like the one fostered by Coach Tomlin, and the Bengals quickly went from contender to pretender to absolute joke in just a few short year's time. It is the NFL though and things can break a different direction in a hurry. Many thanks to PixburghArn for the pick and information! Up next? The Oakland Raiders, represented by BallsOfSteel. -Blitz-


The Selection - Jeremy Maclin, WR/KR, Missouri Tigers

Since Cincinnati is a hated rival (bear with me) of ours I was tempted to draft a dud for them, but since they’ll do that in real life why waste my time?

The Cincinnati Bengals draft Jeremy Maclin, Wide receiver,  University of Missouri.  Cincinnati is in need of line help and a replacement for T.J. Whozyamomma.  Jeremy Maclin will more than fill the void.  What better way to protect your quarterback than giving him some playmakers?  Have you heard that anywhere?  Maclin is a definite playmaker.  He is a threat from anywhere on the field. 

Maclin has what it takes to make it in this league.  Not only is he explosive and consistent, his work ethic speaks tons for this homerun hitter. After tearing his knee up (partial dislocation and ACL tear) the summer and missing his freshman year, Maclin came back his redshirt freshman (sophomore) year and posted 2,776 all-purpose yards, which was an NCAA Division I-A single-season freshman record.  As a matter of fact he was actually cleared to practice with his team before the end of the season.  This year despite leaving the game with an ankle injury in the season opener and being limited the next game he still rebounded with 2,833 all-purpose yards, averaging over 200 yards a game. 

Watching Maclin play one would think he’s small, but he’s 6’1” and 200 lbs.  He has the quickness of a small receiver with the length of a taller receiver.  He’s a taller Reggie Bush that runs better routes.  At any point in the draft Maclin is a safe pick.  A tackle such as Oher would have been a popular choice with most, but I think the variable he brings to the offense and special teams makes Maclin the most obvious choice.

Last year Cincinnati was bitten by the injury bug early in the season on offense.  Carson Palmer went down with an elbow injury and as the season wore on the list grew.  This even prompted Bengals fans to mutter that they were close to having a starting lineup on IR.  Even though Bengal QBs were sacked 51 times last year, I believe the Bengals’ line will rebound when their line is at full strength even with the loss of Stacy Andrews.  Their young guys held their own when called upon.  One example is the game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh late in the season. I also believe that Maclin is just too good a deal to pass on. 

I have included Maclin’s stats below.  Take note of his per game average.


Receiving Kickoff Returns Punt Returns
TD PR Yds Avg Y/G
14 102 1260 90.0 12.4 13 42
1010 24
23 270 11.70 19.1




Rushing: 40 carries, 275 yards, 6.88 yards/carry, 2 TDs


Yards from scrimmage: 142 plays, 1545 tards, 10.8 yards/play, 15 TDs






Receiving Kickoff Returns Punt Returns
14 80 1055 90.0 13.9 9 43 1039 24 74.2 1 25 307 12.28 22 2




Rushing:  51 carries, 367 yards, 7.35 yards/carry, 4 TDs


Yards from scrimmage:131 plays, 1430 yards, 10.9 yards/play, 13 TDs




BTSC 2009 Community Mock Draft Team Selections

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