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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Train Wreck Edition

IX- With all the talk about the referees and the new rules at the annual NFL Owners meeting, a few tidbits about referees have been lost in the shuffle.  The NFL Vice President of officiating Mike Pereira stated that the ruling on the Polamalu touchdown in November against San Diego was a "Train Wreck."  The article from the Washington Post also states that Pereira is retiring after the end of the 2009 season, and a successor should be named shortly.

X- Mike Tomlin was disappointed he wasn't able to participate with his players, the other coaches, and Steeler staff after their victory in Super Bowl XLIII.   Instead, he was being interviewed by the media and participating in the ceremonial routine. He thinks there has to be a way so that coaches and key players aren't forced to miss those few special moments that cannot be re-created.  Miketomlin625jan26_medium

XIII- In a previous six-pack I linked to Adam JT13's mock of the compensatory picks, he got a whopping 26 of his projections spot on.  He has since posted a reaction and he is as stumped as we are regarding why the Steelers only received a fifth round, he even says that the Pittsburgh media should demand an answer from the league.  Mondessi's House also has a similar reaction, I am really wondering what it will take for the Steelers front office or the Pittsburgh Media to demand some answers from the NFL.

XIV- Even though the Steelers won an NFL record 6th Super Bowl championship they are still not the most popular team in professional sports, heck they aren't even the second most popular team.  Check out the USA Today article to find out who is ahead of the Steelers in that poll.

XL- Warning: Watch your dogs; Michael Vick is out of jail.



XLIII- Here's a link to a podcast from Steel Curtain Radio that delves into the nitty gritty of Salary Cap numbers with Ian Whetstone of Steel City Insiders.  Talk radio in general is a medium that allows for more in-depth analysis than quite possibly any other form of mass media, at least when it is done correctly.