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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Winners & Losers Edition

IX- Currently Behind the Steel Curtain is losing in the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament.  We are losing by a large margin and unless we have a comeback of epic proportions, we will lose in the Semi-Finals.  We might need a signature game winning drive from Big Ben to win this one.  Click Here to Vote for Behind the Steel Curtain.

X- Kellen Winslow Jr. of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and receiver Roy Williams of the Cowboys were the two players taken directly before Ben Roethlisberger in the 2004 draft.  Kellen Winslow was taken by the Cleveland Browns who've had 9 starting quarterbacks since, and the Williams' was taken by the Lions who've had 5 starting quarterbacks since.  Winslow and Williams have also both been traded recently and Dale Lolley explains why a "fine line separates winners from the losers."


XIII- Bruce Arians says that Limas Sweed, Martin Nance and a draft pick will be the key players expected to fight for the third wide receiver spot left vacant by Nate Washington's departure to Tennessee.  It sounds like the Steelers might be thinking about going into training camp without signing a veteran wide out to compete for the third spot.  It's also interesting that Arians didn't mention Dallas Baker in the article, I guess his time in Pittsburgh might be up.

XIV- Talks between James Harrison and the Steelers front office are starting to become tense.  Today's article in the Tribune Review gives a very bleak view on the contract talks.  It sounds to me like James Harrison is requesting a lot of money, not Albert Haynesworth money but at least DeAngelo Hall money.

XL- Bryant McFadden has been linked to practically every team in the NFL this offseason.  Most recently he has been visiting the Arizona Cardinals, but Adam Schefter of, along with BTSC, thinks that the Steelers are still interested

XLIII- One for the other Thumb sent out a birthday wish for Ben Roethlisberger yesterday.  Behind the Steel Curtain is a day late, but we surely wish him a happy belated birthday!  Hopefully he used his birthday wish on a third Super Bowl victory.