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Remembering Myron Cope

Sorry, but if you were looking for a lengthy and heartfelt tribute piece from me here, you may be disappointed. Perhaps one day, but quite frankly, I'm probably not the best person to tell that story in the first place. An older Steelers fan who can remember listening to Myron Cope on the radio would be better equipped to share what Mr. Cope meant to Steelers fans. That's one of the reasons BTSC works so well in my opinion. There's a myriad stories to tell about this great franchise we all love so much. And there's enough of us so that we can each share our feelings, insights, etc about those subjects we know best.

What I can do here though is share some short audio clips I found of Myron Cope. For those of you who are too young to have ever heard him on the call, it's about time you got a taste of his unique sound and passion. For the older fans, hopefully it will just bring a small smile to your face on just another working Wednesday.



Quadruple Yoi

Each time I give a Yoi...

Okel Dokel

The Bus leaves cleetmarks

The Bus vs. Reggie Tongue

The Bus will see [Lawyer] Milloy in Court

Myron explains gumballs



Cowher takes Cope's advice

Cope taller than Famous Amos

Hines Ward looked like Najinski

Mike Tomzcak is 92?

Jack Lambert would have loved...

Beating the Cleve Sandlotters don't count



This is but a sampling of those I found. You can find more here. Hope you enjoyed.