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Report: Dallas Releases Owens

Get yo' popcorn ready, because the free agency period just got a lot more interesting.

Multiple sources are reporting Terrell Owens has been released by the Cowboys.   Owens' high profile nature seemed to mesh well with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and Owens was well rewarded. He just signed a three-year, $34 million extension nine months ago. It takes only a special man to get the boot when that one action costs the team $9.6 million against the cap.

That really begs the question, who's going to sign him?

Tampa Bay has the cap room, as does  Minnesota. It wouldn't surprise me to see him land with the Jets, though. More of the problem TO now faces is the fact any team with the available cap room to give him the contract he's enjoyed the past several seasons is a team without a high-end quarterback.

Why didn't the Cowboys try to work a trade?

Perhaps they did, but it slipped through the radar of the national media. Doesn't seem likely, considering the national media have known the time and general reaction to each of Owens' sneezes over the past six seasons.