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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- 1st Free Agent Visit Edition

IX- Here is a story showing the generosity and goodwill that Troy Polamalu is known for off the field.  The story involves a ten year old girl, Heather Miller, that was diagnosed with  Ewing's Sarcoma and her struggles through surgeries and treatments.  Please read this posting from a Steelers fan that includes the address to make donations to help subsidize her medical bills.

X- The Steelers have their first free agent visitor coming to visit the team today; the Post Gazette is reporting that Joey Galloway will be meeting with the staff this afternoon.  Galloway was formerly with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for five seasons including two of them when Mike Tomlin was the Secondary Coach.   


XIII- Ed Bouchette brings up a very interesting point regarding the layoffs that some NFL teams have chosen to execute.  Times are tough all over but when a guy who would have been fired from just about any other job is given a $100 million dollar contract, something is amiss.

XIV- By now everyone knows the Conan O'Brien has left his job at the "Late Show" for bigger and better things.  Conan was supposed to take over the "Tonight Show" on June 1st but rumors are floating around that he will be too busy in training camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully he can play cornerback.

XL- "Famous" Amos Zereoue has taken a different path after his NFL career ended. He has opened up an African/French restaurant in Manhattan.  According to the article from the Steelers Official website this isn't just a sports bar with a famous athletes name attached; the restaurant is a "classy, high end type of thing."  If you check in at the right time you might find Mr. Zereoue in the kitchen preparing one of his signature dishes.

XLIII- The full NFL Draft order for the 2009 draft has been released, although it doesn't yet include the compensatory picks which should be released in the near future.  As it stands now the Steelers have one pick in every round and an extra pick in round seven for the Sean Mahan Trade.  For more information on The Steelers draft picks, steelguy99 wrote an article on BTSC speculating on what we will receive in compensatory picks from last years free agents.