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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- No April Fool's Joke Edition

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IX- The Steelers first round draft pick Rashard Mendenhall is fully recovered from his shoulder injury he suffered at the hands of Ray Lewis last season.  This article from seems to be a very positive sign that Mendenhall is recovered and ready to be an impact player for the Steelers next season. 

X- The Steelers hosted their first visit to a player that is not a resident of the Pittsburgh area on Tuesday.  Mike Thomas, wide receiver from the Arizona Wildcats met with coaches and front office staff yesterday.  Thomas ran the 4th fastest 40 time at the combine in February and was an above average kick and punt returner for the Wildcats last season, he is expected to be a mid round draft pick.  Picking Thomas would certainly break the Steelers tradition from the last two years of finding the slowest guy on the roster and having him run five yards into a wall of defenders on kick returns.

XIII- Sitting in my office today I wondered where April Fools Day originated and since it's a dry news day on the Steelers front I figured I would let Fox News tell you where the origins of April Fools day come from.

XIV- Dante Stallworth of the Cleveland Browns will be appearing in court in tomorrow to face DUI Manslaughter charges. Nothing funny or amusing about this story as Stallworth has made a grave mistake that will more than likely cost him what remained of his career.

XL- Buc's Dugout has posted their predictions for the upcoming 2009 Major League Baseball season. Sadly not much has changed as he still foresees the Pirates sitting in the basement with a losing season for the 17th straight season. Such a sad time for fans of what once was one of the great franchises in baseball.

XLIII- From the guys at Benstonium.