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James Harrison For The First Time After Signing Newly Restructured Contract

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On Tuesday, we celebrated all things James 'Deebo' Harrison after he restructured his contract in a far more equitable way for a player who was the NFL's reigning Defensive Player of the Year. On Thursday, Harrison joined Dan Patrick on his daily radio show to talk about the new deal, his interesting back story, why he enjoys being in Pittsburgh. I have transcribed much of the interview below. Good stuff from Deebo, who seems to me to be a far better dude than people perceive him to be from the outside looking in.

On how he handled being cut by the Steelers after getting a meager $5,000 signing bonus as an undrafted rookie free agent:

"The bonus, that was the most money I'd seen in my life. I thought I was rich then but on getting cut, I didn't take it hard or cry about it or anything. I figured I'd go back and try to improve whatever it was that I felt got me cut."

On who should be the highest paid defensive player on the Steelers:

"James Harrison [laughing]"

What does Troy Polamalu think about that:

"Troy, he doesn't care about money. He likes to sit back, go to church and read the Bible so he doesn't really care about money. He's just happy to be here, as I am. Troy could have gone out and gotten a whole lot more money than he did, but a lot of the guys just want to stay here."

On who is more intense, Coach Tomlin or former Steelers head guy, Bill Cowher - at least in terms of emotional outbursts:

"Rage?? Coach Cowher. There's no hesitation about that one."

After DP joked that Cowher would probably run out there and try to be a wedge buster on special teams even at this age:

"Oh yeah, easy. I don't know if he'd go bust a wedge but he'd go try though. He might get bounced back up out of there."

On who the best player from Kent State, his alma mater, is in NFL history:

"Jack Lambert."

He doesn't think he's surpassed him yet?

"Oh no, that guy did it big for a long time. I think I need two or three more Super Bowls; four or five more Pro Bowls. Thats going to be something that's terribly hard to do.."