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Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 Undrafted Free Agent Rookie Signings Open Thread

  1. Ramon Foster, OT, Tennessee (6'6", 325 lbs)
  2. Mark Estermyer, Long Snapper, Pitt.
  3. Tom Korte, LB, Hillsdale College  (5'11", 239 pounds)
  4. Derick Richardson, S, New Mexico State (5'11", 190 lbs)
  5. Mike Reiley, QB, Central Washington (6'3", 215 lbs)
  6. Kevin McCabe, QB, California University of Pennsylvania (6'2", 215 lbs)

They may not have been drafted by the Steelers or any other team in the NFL during this past weekend's draft, but that doesn't mean there aren't some players out there that still will go on to have productive careers at the professional level. Each year there's a guy or two that will go on to greatness, or at least to have a solid career, that goes undrafted. I imagine that this year will be no different. The question though is, will the Steelers be one of the teams to identify the truly hidden diamonds in the rough amongst this year's crop of UDFAs? The odds are never good, but there's no better scouting department than that of the Steelers so you never know. Here's the list of rookies already signed by the Steelers since the conclusion of the draft. There will be more that are announced throughout the week I'd imagine, so we'll try to keep this post visible and updated rather than having separate discussions about the subject as news continues to surface.  Many thanks to acrollet for starting a thread about this in the fanposts.There is some preliminary information about the signees over there, but hopefully some of that information will transfer over here for a centralized place of conversation as this list surely grows longer in the forthcoming days.