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Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 NFL 1st Round Pick Pick Evander Hood Addresses The Media

Here's the audio file

After the fold are excerpts from the press conference transcribed, via Steelers Depot.


How did you feel when you saw your name come up?

I don’t know. I couldn’t describe the feeling. My stomach just tightened up of a sudden and I choked and I almost fainted. I almost fainted.

Was this the team that you thought might take you?

At this point, I had no idea. My agent was telling me look forward to Detroit, or [Pick] 24 with Atlanta or [Pick] 27 to Indy. Then he sent me late text messages to tell me, “be on the rise for Tennessee or Pittsburgh.” I said, okay, after the 27th pick, I had no choice but to wait. When my name popped up, I almost dropped the phone.

How do you feel about playing end in a 3-4 defense?

I feel excited especially for the Super Bowl team. Just to be part of [the team] known as the Steel Curtain, it’s just a real honor. There is no problem for me playing 5-technique. I have no problems adjusting and doing whatever it takes.”

You are more of a gap-shooting tackle. What about playing 2-gap and holding up the point for the linebackers?

I guess I probably have to work more with my hands to develop more punch off the ball because I always can do some work at penetrating. We did a lot of stunting [and] a lot of blitzing. But over time I will learn and the quickness will get better. And I have no problem adjusting.”

Do you think you can make it fast enough to be a starter as a rookie?

At this point, I don’t know. It may take some time. It maybe won’t be somewhere in this season or second-year season, but at this point, I don’t know. My first concern is to try to make the team. Second, try to focus on my position and, third, make a run at a starting position.

Be sure to read the rest. It's interesting. And listen to it actually if you can instead. You get an idea of the kind of hard working humble kid he is by it. And remember, for a team that's not all that liquid at the moment, it's great to get a safe bet and really talnted player that A) isn't going to cost boat loads of money to sign up front and B) isn't going to come in with any sort of 'I'm a 1st Rounder, pay me and pay attention to me' pretense. Good stuff. Welcome Ziggy!