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Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 NFL 3rd Round Pick Pick Kraig Urbik Addresses The Media

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Here's the audio file:

After the fold there are a few excerpts from the interview from our friends at Steeler Depot.

Saw a quote from Mike Tomlin regarding Urbik and I had to share:

He’s a right guard, of course, a four-year right guard from Wisconsin. He’s a big guy. He’ll fight you.

Can you play both guard and tackle in the NFL?

I primarily played guard in college but I have shown that I can play tackle in a pinch if needed. I would think primarily that I would be a guard.

Do you prefer the right or left side?

I have only played the right side but I can easily play left guard. Hopefully they can put me wherever.

Have you always played guard?

In high school I was always a left tackle. At Wisconsin, I was going against the best defensive linemen.

How much interest did the Steelers show in you in the days leading up to the draft?

None at all, actually. I didn’t interview with them at the Combine. I talked with them in the bullpen at the Combine but didn’t talk to them too much.

I always find it interesting that usually a few of our draft picks have never even spoken with the Steelers front office, very interesting and it goes to show how deep our scouting department goes in their search for quality players.  Many times in the past when the Steelers drafted a player they have little to no contact with it means they figured they would be our of our range, ie: Rashard Mendenhall last season.

Welcome to Steeler Nation Kraig!