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Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 NFL 3rd Round Pick Pick Mike Wallace Addresses The Media

Here is a link to the Audio File:

After the fold there is some of the interview transcribed courtesy of our friends at Steelers Depot.

Did I see somewhere that you expected the Bears to draft you in the first round?

Actually, it was the second round, but, you know, I know you hear a lot of things and that was the discussion. I got a call where they said they were going to pick me with their next pick, but I’m happy to be a Steeler. I’m happy that the Steelers came first.

Why is that, Mike?

Because [they have] a great coach [and a] great organization. They are the most winning team in [the] National Football [League]. I’m just happy to be a part of that. I’m looking forward to coming in and playing my role and learning from two of the greatest receivers in the game.

What did they tell you that role might be?

Just to come in and play a player and stretch the field; get behind the defensive player and modify the game. And I plan to do that every time Coach Tomlin and the rest of the coaches call my number.

Their wide outs do some blocking here. How ready are you for that?

I’m so ready, I’m just looking forward to – it’s a “want-to” [attitude] in blocking. It doesn’t really take a skill. It just takes effort, really, to block. I’m just looking forward to going in and learning from some of the greatest. Hines Ward [is] probably the greatest blocking receiver in the National Football League. That’s great. I just look forward to going in and learning from him.

They’ve been looking for a kick returner here [for a long time]. How good are you at that?

I feel that I can, with the players that they have on this team and my ability to hit the hole and separate, do a lot of good things on kickoff returns. I’m looking forward to being the starting kickoff returner – and punt returner as well. Whatever the coach wants me to do, I’m going to do it.

There you go the initial interview with Mike Wallace, be sure to check out Steelers Depot, or listen to the interview as their is some other interesting information, including the tragedies that this young man has overcome already in his life.

Welcome to Steeler Nation Mike!