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Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 NFL 5th Round Pick Frank Summers Addresses The Media

Here is the link to the Audio File:

Also, after the jump is an excerpt of the transcription of his confrence call from

Do you consider yourself a fullback or running back?
I consider myself a football player. Whatever the team needs me to do I think I’m able to do it. Whether it’s blocking for someone behind me to get into the end zone or to carry it in myself or receiving it out of the backfield myself. As well as playing special teams – I’m very passionate about the game and I just love the contact and I love to win. I’ll do whatever it takes to win.
We understand you’re an exceptional pass receiver, can you talk about that?
Since I was younger my uncle’s always played catch with me and taught me how to catch. Growing up and seeing some of the other running backs around the country – what gave them that extra edge and took them to the next level of being able to receive the ball. I like to consider myself a complete back and so one of those things you have to do to be a complete back is to receive the ball – so I work on catching the ball and after I catch I work on making players miss once I catch it.
How are you running down by the goal line?
I love touchdowns – that’s my favorite part of the game. Actually one of the reasons I played running back or fullback. Otherwise I probably would have been a linebacker.
We had a bus and now we have Frank the Tank. How did you get the nickname?
Actually my mother gave me that nickname when I was young. I’ve always been quite a little stocky guy and she’s been calling me that when I was little. Once I started playing the name kind of carried with me and has been with me ever since.
Did they tell you how they will use you?
They told me they were going to use me a little bit of both. As far as blocking, maybe some short yardage goal-line situations, as well as on special teams. 
Are you 242 lbs.?
Is that a good weight for you?
That is the perfect weight for me. I feel most comfortable at 240. I feel explosive and fast at 240. 
Describe your running style. 
I am a down-hill runner, but I do whatever I need to do to score a touchdown. Every time I touch the ball I try and score, so whether it is running around someone or running through them, I try to do it, get in the endzone.
Whether he realizes it or not Frank "The Tank" Summers' expectations are incredibly high for the last pick in the fifth round.  I would venture to say a fifth round draft selection has never had such high expectations from Pittsburgh Steeler fans.  He has a unique set of talents that include blocking, great hands out of the backfield, short yardage capabilities, and he is a special teams beast.  I only hope he can live up to the lofty expectations we are setting for the former UNLV standout.

Welcome to Steeler Nation Frank "the Tank" Summers!