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BTSC Post 2009 NFL Draft Fanshots Roundup

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but being that the site has seen a flurry of activity since this weekend's draft, now seems like a good time to help draw attention to some of the more interesting and heavily discussed fanposts written by none other than you fine folks.For newer readers of the site, feel free to use this post as a place to ask any questions about best practices or how to use certain tools/features on the site. Welcome aboard all and I look forward to talking shop with all of y'all as we wait out another long summer in anticipation of a repeat run at Super Bowl glory by the Steelers.

* New reader PsychoKuz weighs in with his draft grades. A very well reasoned and rationale assesment of the draft as a whole.

* This isn't a fanpost, but it might as well be. steeler lifer assesses the draft with his usual very experienced, savvy and level headed eye.

* As always, mary rose is asking the tough and poignant questions. This fanposts posits some of the 'Six Burning Questions'  to think about after this draft, and not surprisingly, there's a wide range of intelligent and worth reading responses in the comments section.

* Curious to see some analysis on just the first round of the draft? Steeler_ has you covered with his outlook.

* Let the guessing game begin as to which numbers the newest Steelers might don this spring and summer. For those who are into jerseys, such decisions carry big ramifications!

* The originial UDFA signing open thread, compliments of acrollet

* Phantaskippy wonders if some of the personell decisions this year and last suggest a fundamental re-shaping of the roster in Mike Tomlin's broader vision.

* An interesting look at the SSteelers' drafts since 2002, compliments of houksyndrone.

* And of course, don't forget to read through the great list of 'Tomlinisms' and throw your own two cents in, particularly as some new gems become available in the coming days and weeks after the draft.