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Reports Differ As To Whether Or Not The Pittsburgh Steelers Are Close To Releasing Veteran LB Larry Foote

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UPDATE: The Steelers have responded that ESPN and other media reports claiming Larry Foote has been released are erroneous. Out of respect to the organization and Foote, we're going to change the title and content of this post so as not to confuse anybody until official word is made by the Steelers organization itself. Whether this is just standard protocol as the organization explores all possibilities surrounding Foote and his potential trade value, or if the Steelers in fact do not intend to release Foote, we'll just have to wait and see. This is why we don't get into rumor propogation here on BTSC, though in this instance, we were just relaying what had been reported by a major national media outlet. Thanks. - Blitz-


It it is indeed true that the Steelers might decide to part ways with the classy Larry Foote, they will be saying goodbye to  more than just a high character guy and vocal intelligent leader for our defense. He has also been a hell of a good ILB in Dick LeBeau's system. His contributions were not minimal in the slightest. In six seasons, Foote posted 431 tackles, 14½ sacks, three interceptions, 11 passes defensed, seven forced fumbles and four recoveries.

More on Foote's run in Pittsburgh when/if the time calls for it, but for now, just another cruel reminder that balance sheets, budgets and salary caps have to be made each month and year in the National Football League.

There are arguments to be made for both outcomes.


Steelers Nation Salutes!