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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Is Mike Tomlin a Reptilian Humanoid Edition

IX- I have spent the past twenty minutes watching this video in fear.  I love Mike Tomlin as much as the next guy, but that was before I knew he had turned into a reptilian humanoid that is obviously on a quest to take over the NFL and possibly the Universe.  Consider me suspicious.

X- The Steelers official website has an article about the progress Dennis Dixon has made so far and it got me thinking about how close we were to having Byron Leftwich lead our team in the playoffs against the San Diego Chargers.  Ben being carted of the field during the last regular season game is a memory that stay fresh in my memory for a long time.  Ben has been called a diva, and been accused of exaggerating injuries, but his comeback from the spinal cord concussion proves again that Ben is one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL, and the only one I want behind center for the foreseeable future.

XIII- For those of you who haven't heard former Steelers running back Gary Russell was waived by the Bengals earlier this week.  The Bengals drafted two additional running backs in the draft and might not of had room for the player who scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl XLIII.  Or he might not have been a big enough criminal.

XIV-It would seem that Frank the Tank is the most popular man in Pittsburgh sports right now, that little man Sidney Crosby better watch out because the Tank will either run you over, or fire a 125 mm smoothbore gun at you.  The Tank is coming to Pittsburgh and he better score some touchdowns!


XL- Want to see something that is beyond infuriating?  Of course you do, so take at look at SI's 2010 Mock Draft.  It has the Steelers taking Jarvis Arenas, CB, Alabama in the first round.   I would be surprised if half of his picks even are 1rst round picks by the time April of next year rolls around and would be surprised if he got more than one or two total in the right spot.  For instance look at his 2008 draft from 2007.

XLIII- The Penguins and the Capitals will face off in the eastern conference semi finals starting this Saturday and I'm sure the folks over at PensBurgh would love for us to come over and support their efforts to root on the penguins.  Also, over at Staal Tactics' they have a nice point of view on why the Steelers' draft was successful.