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Steelers 2009 Mock Draft

Compliments of datruth4life. This can be found in the comments section of the previous post. -Blitz-


Guys, I made one change to my mock draft after talking with Dale Lolley and hearing him say that he doesn’t think A.J. Shipley from Penn State will be drafted, and if he does, it’ll be the 6th or 7th round. For those of you who haven’t seen my mock, here is something to discuss:

1) DE Jarron Gilbert – San Jose State – Just what the doctor ordered for DL coach John Mitchell, a diamond to mold. However, if CB Darius Butler is available at no. 32, there will be a lot of discussion on the South Side for this pick. I go with Gilbert.

2) CB/S Sherrod Martin – Troy – The Steelers view him as a corner with some thump. There is a reason Kevin Colbert spent a lot of time talking to him at the combine. He’s 6’1, 198 lbs, runs in the low 4.4’s and isn’t 5’9’’ like CB Anthony Smith from Wake Forest. Can you see A. Smith trying to stop Larry Fitzgerald on a fade route in the end zone? I can’t either.

3) WR/KR/PR – Mike Wallace – Missippi – Is this a little early for him? Not if you are a Super Bowl team who has a hole for a KR/PR and a WR to stretch the field. Wallace has decent size as well at 6’0, 200 lbs. Like the fact that he played in the SEC and the light really came on his senior year in leading the conference in yards per catch average and and had 8 TD’s. And, oh by the way, he ran a 4.33 at the combine.

4) LT Joel Bell – Furman – A sleeper at the tackle position. The Steelers also could go for for Andrew Gardner from Georgia Tech here (Larry Zierline worked Gardner out personally at his Pro Day) but I’m going with Bell. At 6’7’’, 315-lbs, he offers good size at the position and brings a little attitude to the table. His 40 at 5.13 is pretty good for someone of this size as well.

5) G Louis Vasquez – Texas Tech – I could actually see this guy playing next year for the Steelers at RG, though not starting there for the first game. He was the strongest guard at the combine (39 reps), but yet ran the 8th best 40 time at his pro among guards for this year’s draft (5.2) at 6’5, 330 lbs. Datruth looks at it as a positive that this guy comes from a predominantly pass blocking offense. Maybe he can teach Chris K. and W. Colon that it isn’t as hard as they make it appear to be.

5) FB/RB – Frank "The Tank" Summers – UNLV – Time for the Steelers to put some thump back into its ground game and goal-line offense. Summers can do that while also being a good outlet out of the backfield for Ben, picking up the blitz and being a beast on special teams. Yep, a Mike Tomlin type of guy. Remember, the more you can do …

6) NT/DT – Sammie Lee Hill – Stillman – Meet the heir apparent to Casey Hampton at NT. Stillman is a little taller than your average nose tackle at 6’4’’, but has the strength and girth at 320 lbs. to apply for the job. He’s raw, but that is how Coach Mitchell likes his DL meat.

7) DE Zach Potter – Nebraska – Yep, you guessed. This is to make up for the past 3 years where the team has given John Mitchell nothing but lumps of coal to work with. He now has 3 young players with ability to learn behind the starting 3. Hopefully, the team will resign the Diesel and Big Snack to extensions, but at least Coach Mitchell will have some players to work with to get them ready to play Steelers type of ball.

7) OLB Philp Hunt – Houston – Classic case of a tweener that is too short (6’1’’), too slow (4.8 in the 40), not big enough (250 lbs.) and not strong enough (16 reps on the bench) to fit any of the profiles to get teams excited. However, he does one thing that Mike Tomlin loves – he kills QBs. 24 sacks in the past two years. He’s built like James Harrison, just doesn’t have his explosiveness (who does?). However, killing QBs is an acquired skill and taste. And the Steelers acquire them while teaching them to do other things, such as drop into coverage, hold the point and play special teams.

Datruth could easily see the Steelers considering some DB’s in the late rounds like Derek Cox from William and Mary and Don Carey from Norfolk State. Thoughts?