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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Breaking Down The Line Edition

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IX-A while back Bruce Arians stated that he attributed only 19 of the 49 sacks allowed by the Steelers last year to the offensive line.  He attributed the other 30 to running backs, wide receievers missing assignments, poor play calling, or the quarterback holding onto the ball.  In a free article from Steel City Insiders, Frank Tursic, has an amazing article that breaks down the sacks by player and his results may surprise you, but it will surley give you some perspective on the state of our line versus the other dominant teams in recent years.

X-I saw this video about a month after Super Bowl XLIII, but Mondesi's house brought it back to my attention, and since I was looking for a video to show, this will work.  Pretty amusing stuff, although I doubt Ben or Santonio would be any match for Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl.

XIII-Nice Pick Cowher had a great find, by pointing out this excellent debate between proclaimed member of Steeler Nation, Curt Schilling and journalist Michael Felger.  Curt and Felger spew written venom at each other with Schilling defending the Steelers and Steeler Nation with all he has, and Felger acting like a whinny little girl that lost her barbie doll.

XIV-One of the most watched and enjoyed Pittsburgh Sports programs looks like it will be coming to an end on Monday.  The television show that started in 1991 originally called "Sportsbeat" and later renamed "Savaran on Sportsbeat", is being canceled by Fox Sports Net.  This show and its host Stan Savaran are quite possibly the most respect original sports show in the Pittsburgh Market. While the show could be picked up by another network, in today's economy original programming is not exactly what television stations are looking to invest in.

XL-Former West Virginia University tailback and Current Houston Texan, Steve Slaton, picked the Pittsburgh Steelers as the best defense in the league when interviewed by ESPN AFC South blogger, Paul Kuharsky.  Slaton said of his proffesional debut against the Steelers:

"They are one of the best teams to fly to the ball. It seemed like everywhere the ball was, they were. Any little move, any wasted motion, they were all over it. It's frustrating. With all the stats I had in college, making people miss and having big runs, at least one every game, in my first game I expected so much. To not be able to accomplish anything was definitely hard."

XLIII-Here is some additional Friday reading for homework for all you super fans who want to try and create your own prediction of the 53 man roster.  In order to do so accurately you need to get a feeling now only for how the player plays during training camp (which we haven't seen yet), but also their attitude and smarts.  Here are links to all of the interviews posted so far from

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