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Voting Now Open for Steelers Great Eight Heartbreak Tournament: Quarterfinals Game Two

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Here is the poll for the second game of the Great Eight Heartbreak Tournament.

There is still time to vote for Game One.

Again, by definition, we are not asking solely for your personal experience per se. Such would be categorically unfair to earlier games and skewed to the advantage of more recent games. Of course, use your personal experience when possible, and then project yourself into those games you did not experience. We are asking you to place yourself in Steeler Nation as a whole during the time when each game was played. Thus, the precise question will be, "Which of these two playoff losses was more painful to Steeler Nation."

The seeds are below. You can click on them to review the write-ups and follow-up discussions in order to help you with voting information:

Seed #2: 1995 - Cowboys 27, Steelers 17

Seed #7 2004 - Patriots 41, Steelers 27